Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Mend

We've had a bit of a rough time here with a couple injuries requiring medical attention and several requiring a little TLC from mom or dad. Ethan was our first big injury with a broken arm. We got a call from school saying he fell off the monkey bars at school and his arm was hurting him pretty bad. I brought him to the doctor and yep it was broke. He was in a hard splint for a week, then on a a cast. We went back last week for a follow up and everything is healing as it should. The Dr. showed me the x-rays and he actually broke both bones, I thought it was just the larger one. Next week he gets his big cast off and moves to a new short cast for a couple weeks, hopefully he'll be cast free by the last week of school!

 Next injury needing medical attention was Mark. He caught his leg on the rutted track while riding motocross. Surprisingly he was able to keep the bike up and drive back to the house. I know if I caught my leg going around a corner at a high rate of speed I would fall over. But he's a lot tougher then me! :) He actually tore his MCL and LCL the two outer ligaments of the knee. He was supposed to use crutches for a week, but I think I saw him use them twice. :) It appears that he must have torn these ligaments in a past accident, because of the amount of movement in the knee, but the doctor thinks it should heal without surgery. 

Elijah was jealous so since he had a scab on his head he got to join the injured person picture. Anton wanted to join in as well, he actually smashed his finger very bad, taking off a thick layer of skin so he qualified too.   

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Fun

I am way behind in posting! This seems to be the norm for me and blogging anymore. Anyway with the great weather we've had over the last month our family has kept busy outside enjoying it! 

If you live in Iowa with small boys, you have muddy season and dusty season. This is Anton during muddy season. He left of jeans outside in the yard with his shoes, and yes those socks were once white. Can't count on the older siblings to keep an eye on him I guess.

Allison looking sweet in a little shirt from Auntie Ang.

Poor Allison has to put up with so much! I don't how she puts up with all the others so well!

I don't remember what they were doing, but they look like trouble. :) 

Must be a good cartoon!

Potty seat and Bumbo Seat, I guess they look alike. At least Anton thinks so, I caught him peeing in the Bumbo.  :(

Ethan broke his arm on the monkey bars at school a couple weeks ago. He was playing on the monkey bars and fell off the top. This is just a hard splint, he now has a bright green cast. We go back next week to see how it's healing and how much longer the cast will need to stay on. 

I've been trying to keep up with yard work and house work, and neither one looks very good at this point. But I'm gaining! Mark got rained out one day last week and played with the kids in the yard while I cleared off part of my garden.

Ethan trying to hoe weeds with one arm. It didn't work so well, so I used the rototiller and it looks much better!

We got seven chicks, this was Mark's idea to give the kids responsibility not mine. It will be amazing if they all live, Anton isn't very gentle. :)

Can you find the baby in the piles of laundry?

Aw, someone gave Allison a bear to sleep with.

The girls ready for church on Easter morning.

All the kids on Easter.

Don't you love when kids learn to dress themselves? 
Elijah is ready to go to grandmas in Anton's shirt on inside out and his pants on backwards. If he had on his boots they would most likely be on the wrong feet. Funny, you would think they would at least get things on right 50% of the time, but it doesn't happen. :) At least he's trying though!

Mark and Allison before Allison's first ride in the tractor.