Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter & Signs of Spring

Over the past week we celebrated Easter and enjoyed some warmer weather! Here are a few pictures from some of our weeks activities. Our first activity was Resurrection Cookies. I've made these before with Ethan and Amelia a few years ago and Ameila's teacher sent home a copy of the activity last week so I thought I would do this again with all the kids. This is a simple recipe that allows kids to take part in making the "dough", it has meaningful scripture to go with each part of the recipe and gives kids a good "hands on" activity on the true reason we celebrate Easter. 

Here we all are ready to start, everyone is happy and excited to do their part for the recipe.

Well that didn't last!!! It wasn't long before this activity went south! By the end everyone was fighting, crying and certainly not listening to me read the Bible verse that went with each ingredient addition. I guess no one got enough turns to do something, somebody got to add more things to the bowl and somebody else got to sit next to the bowl and see better the whole time! :( While our kids ended up going to bed after this because of bad attitudes I would still recommend trying this activity with your kids. It really is good. Thankfully the next morning everyone was in a better mood and enjoyed the cookies. :) 

The kids dreaded group picture before church in Easter outfits. Some day they'll thank me for all the pictures they have of themselves. :) 

Allison is so cute, she says "cheeeese" and puts her hands over her mouth for a picture.

We have some spring color! Our first little crocus' are in bloom.

 Allison and I looking for signs of Spring in the garden.

The sheep continue to grow and are doing well. The kids and I have enjoyed working with them and getting them to lead. So far our little ewe is doing great, and Rocky is gaining, but still  pretty stubborn.

They love eating alfalfa out of the kids hands and the kids love feeding them just as much.

I helped Allison go down the slide for the first time this week. She loved it, I now have the full time job of being a slide attendant. :)