Saturday, September 22, 2012

August Update - Part 1

 I posted about July happenings and here's part of  August.

I didn't have much time for the garden, but I always enjoy doing a little something with it. This year a friend gave me a bunch of tomatoes so I used my peppers and we made enough salsa for the year!

It's good for kids to work, on this particular day Ethan's job was to unload the top half of the dishwasher. He  decided to have a little fun with all the cups. Yes we go through a lot of cups on a hot summer day at our house! Maybe someday the kids will learn to reuse them. :) 

This is the Navigator windshield. You're probably wondering how it got broke. Well, we talked to long after church one night and Anton started messing with the buttons in the Navigator. He switched it to 4-Low which makes us only be able to go 30 mph, cause it's broke. We were in the drive-up at Dairy Queen getting kids their little reading reward and as I was turned around passing back ice cream Mark started going forward and then put it in reverse to try to get it out of 4-low. Well I hadn't quite sat back down as the Navigator jerked back into reverse and BAM, I nail my head on the windshield in the parking lot hard enough to break it. Only things like this happen to my family. :) Oh and do my kids show me sympathy, NOOO, they started lecturing me for not having my seat belt on! 

Mark and I hosted our 15th class reunion. Fifteen years, wow we're getting old!

Allison learned to crawl! The older kids thought it was great fun at first. Now that she gets in their stuff, wrecks their farms and eats their little toys, they don't think it as great as it once was. 

Elijah and I would build little towers to encourage Allison to crawl over and knock down. 

Cousins playing in the water. Seems someone ran the sprinkler over and it needed a little attention.

First she started crawling, then she got two teeth!

Potatoes were another veggie I planted. The kids love to dig them. It's so fun to see how many you'll find and how big they'll be. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

July Update

I've neglected my blog for the last couple months, busy with kids and everything else! I thought I  would still add a few pictures even though they seem like they were taken so long ago. 

This is Allison learning to sit up well at 6 months.  

This hot and sweaty motocross rider looks like he needs a break! Most of the month of July was over 100 degrees, not ideal for riding.

In addition to the July heat we didn't have any rain, making the dirt a fine dusty mess, perfect for 2-year olds to play in. 

Covered from head to toe in dust!

We braved the heat and made it to the county fair one evening in search of idea's for next year when Ethan will be in 4-H. I suggested a nice chicken like pictured above, Ethan is leaning towards hogs or maybe a lamb. 

I found the directions to this PVC sprinkler on Pinterest. They kids and I dug through the barn and found a bunch of  old PVC saved from our hog sheds and put this together. Ethan especially enjoy cutting the PVC with the hand saw, he really likes building things in general.

My motivation to freeze sweetcorn wasn't very high this year, maybe that's something to do with five little kids to run after. :) We did end up doing a smaller batch and Allison had fun helping too. 

We celebrated Amelia's 7th birthday in the Ozarks, which I previously posted about. 

Mark torn his ACL riding motocross this spring and ended up having surgery July 3rd. This would be his first time in the hospital. I have to say it felt a little strange not to be the patient and to leave the hospital without a new baby. :) Mark wouldn't allow me to take any pictures of him in the hospital, so here's one of him and Allison doing physical therapy at home.