Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Pictures

We've had a good start to 2011! Below are a few random pictures of the kids from the past couple weeks. We're thankful everyone has been healthy and well this winter!
The kids love being pulled on their sleds. Normally, I like to pull them behind the 4-wheeler so I can see them, but it doesn't like to start for me. The Ranger works fine and Elijah keeps an eye on them for me. Believe me, he lets me know if someone falls off!

Anton likes climbing in cupboards anytime he gets a chance. In this picture he's inspecting daddy's "professional" pumping job. ;)

Elijah loves to pretend that he's riding a motorcycle. He runs a figure eight around our house making engine noises as loud as he can. In this picture he found a pair of Amelia's old sunglasses, which are his " racing goggles".

We got the kids a portable DVD player for Christmas. Amelia didn't like her brothers bothering her while she was watching a movie, so she found a cozy spot under Mark's desk to hide.

Elijah, I can still see you! You'll notice that Elijah doesn't seem dressed appropriately for the season. For whatever reason he thinks he doesn't need to wear clothes.

Amelia what a cute baby you have!

Well there's a good place to hide while you eat candy you aren't supposed to have!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mark's Phone Pics

You probably won't find Mark hauling a camera around taking pictures, that's my job. :) But occasionally he does take pictures or videos with his cell phone. Recently we put them on the computer so I thought I would post a few. Some of them are a few years old so I'll put the date with the picture when possible.

Ethan around age 4 showing his "mud buddy" creation.

Amelia around age 3 eating supper.

Heading into the OB Dept. to have Anton. Wow, I was big! 2/11/10

Someone got the tractor stuck putting on anhydrous. :)
Spring of 2009.

Another view of the situation.
Mark helped sand bag around the water treatment plant during the floods, I think this was the spring of 2008.
9/19/09 Amelia and I painting the barn from the skid loader bucket. I'm around 5 months pregnant with Anton in this picture.

6/5/10 - Six years ago our pond was overloaded with little bass. We decided to stock the pond with bluegill and a few other fish so that the bass would have something to eat and hopefully grow. It worked we now have some nice sized fish in our pond!

My Personal favorite. :) 9/16/2010
Mark had to dig a guys skid loader out of the mud with his track-hoe. I think someone should have called for help long before this point! :)