Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schools Out

Last week was the final week of school for Ethan and Amelia. Both did well and had good years. I'll be honest and say I think we were all ready for summer! We hope to get lots of fun stuff in this summer like, Bible School, summer reading program, vacation, and swimming. I'd also like to get the siding done on the house and a few other projects, we'll see what happens! So here's a couple pictures from the end of year actives at school and a couple of the start of summer for our family. 

Amelia graduated Kindergarten, as part of that each student drew a letter of the alphabet which they created a costume for. Amelia drew the letter "V" she wanted me to make a volcano costume. So I pulled out the sewing machine and created this. She wouldn't wear the hat when we got to school, apparently it was to hot.

The kids took of their costumes and sang a couple songs for us.

The next day was a fun day for the entire school. They worked on service projects in the morning, and in the afternoon they did games with their chapel groups. Amelia is in the purple group. Here she is running with a wet sponge to fill a bottle.

Ethan was light blue this year, here is his group doing an obstacle course.

We started off our summer break spending some time at Doug and Gingers (Mark's uncle & aunt) they had several families camp in their yard. We didn't stay over but enjoyed coming and going for meals and games. Here's a shot of our first softball game, which was very hot, but fun. We've been playing with the kids for the past couple evenings at home and it's been a blast!

Part of a hungry crowd to feed one evening!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kids & Flowers

I have a few pictures from the last few weeks that should have been posted awhile ago but time has gotten away from me once again!

Allison has started eating rice cereal, she does well and seems to enjoy it!

Anton cracks me up. The other day I found him sleeping on our front step like this. Elijah hated that I left sleep there, he needed to sleep in his bed, so after awhile Elijah finally woke him up, Anton wasn't a happy camper!

Allison giving us some sweet smiles.

Allison getting some company when she kicks her little piano.

Anton LOVES kitties, and surprisingly they tolerate his hugs and being carried around.

My hanging baskets are very simple, yet colorful and they attract humming birds which the kids and I enjoy watching. 

Another container I planted, we'll see how long it lasts before the kids and cats get to it. :)

Elijah was mad at me the other day, I heard him go outside so I looked out the window to see what he was up to I saw him peeing on my barrel of flowers! Like I said before, I'll be lucky to keep my flowers alive all summer, but I enjoy them and we'll hope for the best! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tulip Time 2012

We enjoyed another Tulip Time again this year. Thankfully the weather was nice, the kids were fairly good, and we had Grandpa and Grandma to help! 

This is our view from the back of the pack during the Klompen Classic on Wednesday.

Ready to walk!

We made it to the parade last night. Here's my little dutch boy, he's the only one I could get to step in these for a picture. The rest were party poopers!

Allison during her first Tulip Time. Not the greatest picture of her or the dead Tulips. :)

Our attempt at a family picture. I'm not sure why Elijah always is pretending he's sleeping!