Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May - Part 1

May's been a busy month for us, here's a few highlights.

Amelia is one of those crazy ones that loves to run. :) She enjoyed a track meet at school with the K-4th graders. She always has fun and does well.

I can't believe I'm old enough to have a kid in band! This year Ethan started playing the drums at school. He had the intent of quitting after his first year but has since changed his mind. He enjoyed marching band at Tulip Time and the trip to Adventureland. 

Ethan is playing snare drum. he's in the grey shirt.

It's hard to see but the kids decorated their instruments with glow sticks and bracelets for the "lighted" parade at Tulip Time. 

Look who else is participating in a Tulip Time parade! Congrats to Emily for getting Kurt to join you! I'm lucky to just get Mark to watch a parade with me. :)  

I let the kids plant the seeds. I gave them a short lesson on spacing but I think they pretty much ended up doing what they wanted. :) In this picture they're planting green beans. Since this was taken a few weeks ago the beans have come up, or at least part of them. For some reason the row they are planting here never grew. I thought maybe we forgot to plant it and I just covered up the trench with no seeds in it. But I guess we had bad seed or something. We're waiting on round 2 to pop through the ground.

Hard working kids!

Hard working Daddy! 

Ethan and I are having a little competition for growing strawberries. This is the planter box he built last year with grandpa. So far his are doing very well. 

We've added several trees to the yard this spring. Ethan helped me with the second group as part of a Cadet badge he's working on for next year. 

Happy Mothers Day!

Mark, Ethan and Elijah had a good start racing motocross this year. All three got first place in Cedar Rapids!
Elijah's trophy was huge, he's so proud of it. :)

I enjoyed going with Elijah's preschool class on a field trip to Russell Wildlife. As you can see Elijah is sooo excited to get his picture taken by a beaver. 

They are doing an activity acting like caterpillars if I remember correctly.

The pond was the best part. The kids loved looking for little creatures that were pulled up from the pond with a big net.

The chickens are no longer homeless! We still have to paint the shed but they are loving their new home. 

Those are some pretty big chickens roosting way up high!

Truck full of Van Den Broek's off to mushroom hunt.

Prairie burn at my parents house.