Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work and Play

Here's a few random pictures of our recent activities. 

Our wood shed/sheep barn needed a little TLC so Grandmpa VDB came with a bunch of gates and wood and he and Ethan went to work. It's so much nicer now that we have a quick latch gate and nicer wind break for the sheep. Ethan did a great job helping!

Next we did a little painting. Yes, I know better than to let for kids paint. Anton was "fired" after he painted a doll chair, the hydrant and then the metal gate. Seriously, I think he painted every thing except the shed! It wasn't long before the rest pooped out and I was a one woman crew! :) 

The kids had their K-4th track meet and both Ethan and Amelia got first in their races. They run like their daddy! On a side note, Sunday I went for a 1.5 mile run as part of a fitness program I'm trying to do. Amelia went along, lets just say, she's in way better shape than me! :)

Elijah showing off for the camera. 

Ethan had some birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, so I helped him pick out a new bike online. We picked it up on May 3, in the snow!

"I don't know" 

I chaperoned for the 1st grade field trip to the zoo. This is actually the first time I've been able to go on a field trip with a class. To many babies over the past few years to care for. :)

It finally warmed up enough for shear the sheep. Here we are washing Lucy. 

Rick started shearing her and I finished. I actually enjoyed it the sheep are very tame and stood still for us. 

Next was Rocky, he's looking fresh and clean!

We can't believe how different they look! 

Friday, May 10, 2013


April is a special month for Mark and I because it's the month we got married. We've spent many anniversaries riding in the tractor planting and the other's were a nice dinner at home or maybe we'd go out to eat if it rained. This year I planned a head a little to insure I'd get a date. :) We bought a gift certificate from the school auction for a dinner at the local winery in February  We picked a Murder Mystery Dinner which was the week after our anniversary, perfect! The week after I made the Murder Mystery Dinner Reservations we got a voucher for a free hotel stay at a casino. Since it was rainy we did that too, although we lost enough at Black Jack to pretty much cover the room cost. :) And the added bonus was they still weren't in the fields on our anniversary so we had a nice dinner at home with the family too. Yep, I milked the anniversary celebrations this year. :)  With unseasonably cold weather and rain Mark was around more than usual, so the boys took full advantage and have been riding motocross a lot more. Here's a few pictures of  our April happenings.  

Ethan and Elijah ride most nights when the track isn't pure mud. It's fun to see how much they're improving as they get older and spend more time on their bikes. 

Mark's been doing a little riding as well. The kids love when he's out there with them!

Elijah is so proud to be riding on the "big track" now. He even asked Grandpa and Grandma to come watch him. When Grandma said she nervous and didn't want to see him get hurt, he looked at her like she was crazy. :) The kid has no fear!

 I'm not sure who these guys are, but I thought they were funny on their little bikes.

Ethan's class was in charge of chapel in April and Ethan played the part of Jacob in a little skit. 

Ethan's 4th grade class.

We had a late Easter egg hunt this year.  I, I mean Allison, loves finding eggs filled with money! :)

What a crazy, messy kid! She makes a total mess eating blueberries during breakfast. I thought I would take a picture and she says "Cheeeese". Hence, the funny facial expression.

Cruise'n the web on a rainy evening.

The drought is over, at least here. Our road was flooded for a day but the poor bus driver had to go around for 2 1/2 days because the county left the signs up. 

No spoons? That's o.k. I can eat my cereal without one just fine.

Want to know how to turn a perfectly healthy snack of unsweetened applesauce into a tastier and unhealthier snack? Add your favorite jello! 

More blueberries.