Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer So Far

June has turned out to be much busier than I planned for, here's a few pictures of our month.

We've been in training mode with the sheep for fair. So far they are doing pretty good and hopefully they'll cooperate well for Ethan at the fair. This is Max before his bath and hair cut.

This is Ethan and Amelia giving Max a bath.

This is Max giving Ethan and Amelia a bath.

This is Ruby after being sheared. She doesn't have the greatest personality but we're slowing calming her down and getting her to stand better.

"Come on heep!" 


Amelia found 3 little sparrows that fell out of their nest. One died and she brought this one in the house to feed it a worm. Of course it didn't eat the worm. It just closed it's eyes to sleep according to Amelia. :) Usually birds falling out of the nest doesn't end well, but this time it did. Amelia put the two live ones back in the nest twice after they fell out and they lived! They are now able to fly.

Our garden is doing pretty good. We had a couple things not do as well as I'd hoped, but over all it's packed pretty full and growing. New this year we did garlic, pole beans (on accident), spaghetti squash, purple beans and we put in a new strawberry patch. Around the yard we added a couple apple trees, pear cherry, and peach trees, goji berry bushes and purple asparagus. We have a small herb garden and 31 hills of pumpkins, gourds and squash. (I cut out almost all annual flowers this year to try and keep up with the fruit and veggies. We'll see how everything looks by the end of July! :)

My first garlic harvested. 

This little goji berry plant came in a 4 inch pot by mail. It now has one branch waist high and is getting fruit!

We have 16 of the chicks we hatched this spring alive and well!

We've even got a couple of little pullet eggs. The one in the middle is the pullet egg and the others are from the older hens. 

Anton and Elijah took swimming lessons the beginning of the month, both loved it. This is Elijah learning the back float.

Anton paddling away.

Amelia qualified for the State Hershey Track meet the end of May and participated in it a couple weeks ago. She did her best and was one of four 9 year olds to make it in the 9-10 age group for the 100 meter dash; and she's not even 9 til the end of July. :) 

Hershey Track Meet - 100 meter dash - 17.49 seconds.

Elijah had a birthday, 6 years old already! I don't have a picture of him with his cake. This is him open a little safe that he wanted for his birthday gift.