Saturday, November 10, 2012


October was a great month for being outside! We did most of your typical fall activities like raking leaf piles to jump in, painting pumpkins and just enjoying the outdoors!

The kids worked hard to rake a big pile of leaves to jump in! It's fun to watch their teamwork in getting this job done.

 The boys painted designs on their pumpkins. Then enjoyed cutting them up and taking out the insides with the big kids after school.

WARNING: If you open a can of pop in our house, the kids will hear it, no matter where they are! They will come running with cups, begging you to share. You will be lucky to get the last swig.

This is Allison at nine months. She walks behind this little cart so well!

Mark and I participated in a farm management contest for young farmers through Farm Bureau. We found out last spring we made the top three for our state! Farm Bureau staff came out a couple times to video Mark and  his family harvesting and do some interviews. This picture is of  Mark and his brother making a plan for some dirt work. We look forward to hearing what place we got in December!

 Mark's made the front page of the spokesman twice in the last couple months. :) 

Allison is growing up so fast. In the last month I've really noticed her changing from baby to toddler. She's started playing with dolls!!! I love it! After listening to little engine noises from the boys for the past four years , it's been fun to see girl stuff again. :)

Yes, my kids know how to pick up and put their toys away. 

Like father, like daughter. Both looking very cute in their homemade hats. :)