Monday, September 1, 2014


After few days of rain the creek was running well. The kids love to play in it!

More happy creek playing kids.

June birthday's were celebrated the 4th of July. Special ones were my dad turning 60 and uncle turning 50.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grand kids.

Round one of kayaking.

This was so tiring the current was strong and the creek winding.

We ended the evening with fireworks, thanks Cally and Trey!

We had such a fun work out we decided to go out again the next day, here's crew #2.

Allison lasted long enough for a picture, then it was back to Grandma. Kayaking is way to scary!

The chickens are starting to lay eggs! So cute and little!

Allison is all ready for church. Here purse is as full as Grandma VDB's :)

Anton showing us a bird he caught, it's he's friend he says. :)

Yikes, a snapping turtle wasn't what Elijah was expecting to catch fishing!

Horrible project of the summer - painting the chicken shed. Way to much work!!!

Amelia turns 9 years old!

Allison enjoyed helping bag sweet corn with Grandma.

One of the boys favorite pass-times this summer was riding around the yard. I'm surprised I still have grass!

Boender Excavation gets a new logo.

The kids had a blast slip and sliding into the pond with cousins!