Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goofy Kids

Kids will keep you on your toes! Here's a few pictures of the kids just being kids from the last couple weeks. 

We've had a pull-up bar for a couple years now and everyone loves it! My goal to someday be able to do a pull-up, at this point it's not looking like I'll meet that goal anytime soon. 

One of Allison's favorite things to play with is this old booster seat from when I was a kid. She hauls it around  the house and just sits on it or in this case stands on it. It's so funny to watch her because it's almost as big as her and she still gets it to were she wants it. 

I'm thankful for a husband who will "rough house" with the boys, because this doesn't look fun to me!

Amelia - "Praise be to God" I'm also thankful for our Christian school.

It was Amelia's half birthday recently and she wanted to bring a snack to school. As always she picks a time consuming treat to make. :)

They're little hedge hog cookies. 

We lost Baby Alive's pacifier, so Anton found the next best thing to make her giggle, a chop stick. 

This is getting to be very old! Allison continues to dump cereal on the floor. This time she was aiming for the little,clear bowl. I think she got two pieces of cereal in it. The problem is we don't have space to relocate the cereal and Anton doesn't have the baby locks figured out, and ends up jerking open the cupboard door until he rips off the baby lock. Looking forward to this "mess maker" phase ending!

The little kids helped make beef stew with their handy "my safe cutters". Anton isn't wanting to share his so he gave Allison a dip spreader.

More snow!

Allison always wants to be outside. It's so cute when she brings us her coat and tries to put on her cap. After the last snow she got a warm ride with dad in the skid loader.

This hard worker is busy clearing snow from the deck.