Sunday, November 29, 2009

Disney Princesses on Ice

The Friday after Thanksgiving Amelia got to go to Disney's Princesses on Ice with Emily, Kristen and her cousin Rachel. She didn't know exactly what it was or what to expect, but was VERY excited to have another "girls" day out. A couple days before the show Bethany and Erika DB came over to play. They were also going to the show. I had to laugh when I overheard them talking about the upcoming event. The conversation started with Bethany telling Amelia how she got to go with her grandparents to watch the Princesses. Then Amelia said "But I get to go with Kristen and Emily! But me and Rachel don't get to ice skate. We just get to watch Emily and Kristen skate with their princes Kurt and Karl." :) Princes Kurt and Karl! That's too funny :) A very special thanks to Kristen and Emily for taking the time to do this fun "girl" activity with the them!

Emily, Amelia, Kristen and Rachel

Emily and Amelia

All the princesses and their princes.

Cinderella waving

The seven dwarfs.

Thanks for all the pictures Kristen!

To top off the night Amelia and Rachel got Princess gifts, what spoiled little girls!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fall Music Program

Last week Ethan had his annual Fall Music Program. It was based on this years school theme "I will follow Jesus... Matthew 16:24" The kids did a great job singing and I really enjoyed the actions the younger students did with their songs. Our music teachers do a wonderful job teaching the kids.

Ethan in the front row in red.

Ethan in the second row.

The K-5th singing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Farm Picture

This is a picture of our farm taken on October 16.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mark's Bath Buddy

After enjoying a beautiful afternoon riding motorcycle Mark was ready for a shower. He had quite the surprise when he went to get in! We had a little bat hanging from our shower curtain! To make matters worse this is the bathroom in our bedroom. Think I'll be sleeping with my head under the blankets tonight.

Not what you what to see when you go to pull the shower curtain closed!

We usually don't have to many critters in our house. He was our first bat and hopefully the last!

Mark took him outside where he belongs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Harvest Pictures

Harvest is going smoothly despite rain every three days. We finished all our own crops yesterday and are hoping to finish up custom work in the next couple days. Then its on to lots of custom anhydrous and field work.

Saturday we finished up our corn.

The combine is a little muddy, as it has been all fall, just like my kids!

The classic "Get out of my space" fight. Hmmm, what will next year bring with another kid.

Elijah happy to sit on top of the buddy seat next to Amelia.

Today I drove the tractor and grain cart, Amelia was my helper.

Gotta love when your husbands only instructions for the day are "what ever you do don't hit the new trailer." I need more help than that my dear! :)

You know your a farm kid when your afternoon nap is in the combine. :)

Mark working at Mark Jansen's farm.

Another shot at the Jansen farm just before lunch. There's an extra bonus when you work for him, he always brings out buffalo burgers for lunch or supper! Good Stuff!