Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Valley MX Race

Saturday Mark, Ethan and I headed to Montezuma for a dirt bike race. Mark hadn't raced for a year and was excited to compete again! I knew it would be a long day so we left Amelia and Elijah home with a babysitter, THANKS HEIDI! As I suspected it was a long day, they ran 28 different classes of bikes & quads, plus we had a long rain delay. Since there were so many races Mark decided to race in two classes, the OPEN B (intermediate riders of all ages, mainly teens) and the +30 B/C & A (guys over the age of 30, B is intermediate, C-amature, A-expert class).

Mark during practice.

Mark getting taken out by a teenager that turned into him on the first lap of the OPEN B. Not what you want to see on the first race of the day. Thankfully he only banged up his elbow and was able to finish the race.

Mark and Tim Westercamp trying to bend back his exhaust system after the wreck.

Josh Crouse racing the OPEN C Quad class.

Mark racing the OPEN B Class. (second moto)

Mark & another guy battling it out for first place in the +30 B/C class. Mark had to play catch up after locking handle bars with another rider at the start of the race. He went from last place to first place in three laps passing 12 riders. He ended up with 1st place in both moto's and recieved a nice plaque.

A short video showing Mark starting the last lap in the +30 B/C race.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

It's hard to believe that he has nearly finished his first year of school! Friday his class had a little "graduation" ceremony. They don't do caps and gowns rather each child draws a letter from a hat and creates a costume based on their letter. Ethan picked the letter "S". He had several idea's starting out with a spider, then a semi, later sports, and finally ended up with soccer. I had a fun soccer ball shaped hat that I tried to get him to wear but he refused. He doesn't like to stand out and this very basic look suited him just fine.

Ethan talking with his teacher Mrs. De Bruin. He was very, very shy when talking with her. He tried to keep his distance and gave very short, quiet answers to her questions.

Standing in line between a robot and a tractor.

All 26 kindergartners on stage.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What we're up to

Nothing much going on here. I'm happy that Elijah is feeling better! He a long week last week battling ear infection with an antibiotic that didn't work plus it gave him a terrible tummy ache. Ethan and I are both looking forward to school being finished, he says that he's bored and they do the same things everyday. Only one more week left! Hopefully he will cooperate this summer and continue to read and do school work sheets. With the nice weather (other than the wind) I've spent a lot of time in the garden/yard things are starting to look nice again. Ethan and Amelia also like to help in the yard. Amelia insists that I get her a flower every time I buy one. She always chooses something pink. :) She is a lot of fun to have around. She LOVES flowers!

Making cookies. Elijah sampled the dough and didn't like it, I think it was the texture.

Following Uncle Kurt around the race track in Fremont. We ordered helmets for the kids, but neither one fits quite right. :(

Elijah pretending to drive while the others are riding. If you want to make him happy let him "drive" something.

Amelia is still happy to play with the goose. I let him loose all day today and he stayed around the house. He slept in the grass or on the front step of the house. He has nearly doubled in size!

Monday, May 18, 2009


While clearing my garden last month a came across a interesting cocoon on a purple cone flower branch. Thinking this would be interesting for the kids I clipped off the branch and Amelia put in in our bug catcher for safe keeping. We watched it for a couple weeks and were so excited to see what kind of beautiful butterfly or moth we discovered. Then while I was cleaning the kitchen I noticed a weird little bug on the counter. I got rid of him and moved on until I noticed a couple more of the same species, I then remembered the cocoon on the counter at looked in the bug catcher to only to find a bunch of baby praying mantis' crawling all over! We had a small hole in one corner which is how several escaped into the kitchen. I've cleaned up several escapee's throughout the few days. :) The rest (about 75 of them) were relocated to my garden.

The bug catcher with our cocoon & some of the praying mantis'.

A close up of them.

Amelia's comment, "Mom, why are you looking at them they are disgusting!" I would have to agree with her. :) Lesson learned, make sure your bug catcher doesn't have holes in it, you never know what you'll get!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tulip Time

Friday afternoon I got Ethan from school and we all headed to Pella for Tulip Time. The weather was nice and warm, perfect for our annual snow cones! Here are a couple pictures from our day.

Ethan's school band playing in the parade.

One of our favorite floats. (from Vermeer Mfg.)

Amelia and cousin Trejan.

Pretty little dutch girl.

Look at this nice family, oh, but were is Mark? He ditched us to go riding motorcycle with his brother! Riding motorcycle over Tulip Time? I don't understand. :) He did join us a little later. :)

Elijah posing in front of the Tulips.
Ethan actually smiling for Ang. He wanted a corn dog and this is how he got it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Are you my mother?

This goose is so funny! He/she truly thinks that he is part of the family. He tweets and tweets every time we put him in his box but as soon as he's free he happily follows us around the yard or house. I have never seen a bird act this tame, all the birds I've had will be curious and come near me but don't care to be handled. Not this little guy he loves to be cuddled.

The goose making himself comfortable on Amelia's blanket.

He loves to be fed clover.

This is a short video of him following Amelia.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday's activites

Thursday was a busy day for us. Our first activity was to go watch Ethan run at the K-4th grade track meet. Ethan ran the 50 meter dash and the 4x100. Below are a couple of pictures from the two races. He is in lane one with the green shirt and jeans.

At the starting line.

The 4x100 race.

Later that evening Mark came home with a baby goose. He found two but one escaped in his dad's shop and he couldn't find it again. The goose is alive and doing well. He's so cute and Amelia loves him. She says "the goose thinks I'm his mudder" (mother) because it follows her around.

Amelia lost a training wheel. She kept wiping out so Mark fixed it for her. Quite creative to use a Dewalt grinding wheel. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dirt Bike Riders

Mark and his brother Kurt have been riding motorcycle together for the past few Sundays. This week Kurt got a new bike and wanted to break it in. So all of Mark's brothers and a couple friends showed up to ride in the coalmine. Here are a few pictures.

Mark on a gloomy Sunday afternoon.

Mark's brother BJ checking out a hill.

Going up the hill.

Kurt on his new Suzuki.

Mark's brother Mike on the step-up jump.