Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Farm Bureau Achievement Award

Last spring Mark and I were selected as one of the top three finalist in the state for the Farm Bureau Achievement Award. This is a farm management contest Farm Bureau does for young farmers. After several months of waiting we found out we won! We will represent Iowa in Nashville next month. We're looking forward to this very much!

The Young Farmer Awards Luncheon.

They make a short video of each family, here's Mark on the big screen. 

Temple Grandin was one of the speakers. I really enjoyed her! There's a movie about her Mark and I watched before we heard her speak. I recommend it, it's called Temple Grandin, you can get it at Family Video for $1.

They had several big screens lining the hallway with slide shows. They used a picture of our kids and also one of Mark and his brothers.

We won this Gator as part of our prize for this contest!

November Highlights

Just a few favorite memories of the month of November. 

The kids always enjoy when cousins come over. They really enjoy riding dirt bikes together!  Here they all are ready to ride!

One of Ethan's first big school projects, a cabin on a plot of land. 

My front steps have been falling apart for years. I "fixed" the bottom step myself a couple years ago with a bag of Quick-Crete but the next two steps gave out recently. This forced Mark to finally fix them! Now if anyone wants to come help him with the siding project that has been in process for the last year and a half I would truly love it!!!

We had to rip out a little section of sidewalk, here Mark and the boys are mixing new. The boys always love guy projects like this.

Amelia lost her first tooth!

This is a picture of the ladies that attend the mom's group I help with at church. We have a super group of women, and I've enjoyed being a part of this group for almost 10 years now!