Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harvest 2011

Harvest is underway for most in the area, and so far things have been going very well. Monday the guys were working at our house for part of the day until the rain got to heavy. The kids and I always enjoy when the guys are working near home! The field averaged around 190 despite a wet start and dry summer, we are very thankful for the better than expected yields in many areas!

A truckload of kids ready to ride in the combines!

I love having all the grass and weeds mowed!

Mark and Kurt at our home farm.

Here's a fun one of the guys!
More to come on this picture at a later date.

Another fun picture of Mark and his brothers.

Someone's happy about harvesting! On a side note Elijah's eye is doing much better! If only he would let me pick the dried glue off the top.

Day 2 harvesting at our house, a much brighter morning after getting rained out Monday evening.

Karl finishing the last few rounds before moving on the the next field.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Ouchy for Elijah

Mark took Elijah and Anton on a little 4-wheeler ride while Amelia and I enjoyed some time together making terrariums. We were surprised when we saw Mark drive up with Elijah covered in blood! While on their way back to the house Mark hit a bump and Elijah hit his head on the front of the 4-wheeler, cutting open his head. Mark brought him to the doctor to make sure it didn't need stitches and thankfully it didn't. We did that last month, it fact I think that was in my last post. :) Anyway, the doctor just glued the wound shut. The bad part was that Elijah's eye got glued shut in the process! When he blinked some of the glue got on his eyelash and then on the skin around his eye. Mark said he did great until the doctor had to try to pull his eye open. At this point his eye is still glued shut at least half-way so we're hoping if we keep it moist he will be able to open it soon. (sigh) :)

Glued back together again.

Elijah was pretty sad when he got home. We tried to get him to keep something moist on his eye to make it feel better. He refused everything, except the Mt. Dew, I guess that makes everything better. :)

Friday, September 2, 2011


In addition to the posts I all ready did for the month I had a handful of pictures that didn't really justify their own post. So here's a little re-cap of the little things we did last month of summer!

One of these things doesn't belong... Anton is such a pest to our cats, I'm truly surprised at how much they tolerate him! If you're in need of a good cat that will take lots of "love" from kids we have one more to find a home for!

Elijah fell off his bike and needed two stitches. He did a great job for the doctor and his chin has healed nicely.

And I wonder why I'm running the dishwasher twice a day! Seriously, 6 spoons and two bowls and he's eating with his hands!!!

We've had a small tree frog invasion, so far we've removed three from inside our house. They seem to like hanging out on our toilets.

Like I don't know your hiding in the corner eating a doughnut hole Elijah. :)

Our church has added a new addition with two nurseries which I helped with. This is the artwork we painted in the toddler nursery.

We almost have the bottom of our house finished with siding! The kids saw the improvement and wanted to update their playhouse. So I found a gallon of 11 year old white house paint in our basement and with Grandma's help they were on their way to a nice clean white playhouse!