Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

The best dad ever, with his crew on Fathers Day!

The kids were playing with Allison and sat her up and she stayed. Another milestone, she's growing so fast!

While the kids play in the sand Allison enjoys swinging. 

Elijah just cracks me up. :) 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Elijah turns 4 years old!

Tuesday will be Elijah's 4th birthday! I think he'll be stuck as a 3-year old for me for awhile, it just doesn't seem like he can be four already! We celebrated his birthday this weekend with a fun outing at Camp Creation near our place. Mark and I bought a Camp Creation Day Camp at the school auction and decided to have a "cousins camp" to celebrate Elijah's birthday. It was a very fun special day for him. 

The birthday boy and his cake! He told me several time that he liked his cake, which makes me happy. :)

Until two days before the party he wanted a frog cake, then after watching enduro-motorcycle movies with Mark while I was at a meeting he changed his mind. Thank-you Family Fun Magazine for this perfect idea!

We started off our nature birthday camp with snacks.

Next was a craft, making castings of coyote tracks.

We went on a nature hike, I loved the walking bridges they had through the creeks, and stairs up the hill on the other side.

Anton excited to uncover his coyote track.

The kids went to the nature center to play with all the exhibits and look at all the critters they have living there.

"Get away from my cake!!!"
Blowing out the candles got a little physical. :)

We had one happy little boy, with a full tummy by the end of the night. Thank you to all who came to make his birthday extra special!