Thursday, January 1, 2015


I'll continue with my over due updating! 

This is a random picture from my phone. Anton has no idea how the 4-wheeler ended up in the corn field. ;) (My guess, he went around the chicken shed to fast and didn't make the turn.) BOYS! :)

We've enjoyed getting together with others from church for a Bible Study! 

Mark braved the cold water and took the ice bucket challenge.

Mark and Elijah working on Elijah's bikes. 

Last Monday at grandma's for the summer!

These are gogi berries from a bush I planted. I really don't like the taste that well. Kind of like tomatoes with a bitter after taste. At least they're healthy!

Elijah was excited to win the Amazing Race with his partner Ethan at the Labor Day camp out!

Anton also enjoyed the Amazing Race.

We still have a couple Jeep Clubs enjoy off-roading in the coalmine.