Saturday, August 16, 2014

4-H & Fair Fun

Our July calendar was filled with fair prep and 4-H activities. We actually hit three county fairs within one week this summer. We made it to Dallas & Washington counties for motocross racing and our fair in Mahaska county. Here's a few pictures of our fair experiences. 

Ethan's 4-H club was challenged to make a pallet project for the fair. After looking online he decided on a chair. Time got away from us so he decided on making a wagon with recycled parts he found around the yard. He got in some welding, grinding, screwing and sanding experience with his project.

Finished wagon to haul his feed bags with.

Our first fair was in Dallas county, this is our crew waiting to race. 

After a late night racing we had an early morning bringing fair exhibits to town. This is part of Ethan's 4-H club ready to interview with judges.

Then it was home wash chickens.

They didn't exactly love their baths.

Amelia was in charge of cuddling and warming since it was a cool evening.

Ethan brought six chickens to show, all ones we hatched from our own chickens. He did well getting four blues and two reds. A couple of the chickens the judge thought needed to grow a little more so they were the ones that got red ribbons. Something to remember for next year, have chicks hatched by early March.

What fun would the fair be if you couldn't hang out with your friends in the livestock barns.
(We have a little "football" game going on here.)

The morning after the chicken show was the sheep show. Ethan got two purple ribbons for his lambs. Despite our MANY, MANY,  hours of working with them neither one cooperated for him. :( Thankfully the judge was gracious and gave him some good tips. Although Ethan has told us he will be showing hogs next year because they are easier. Uncle Karl are you ready! :)

Anton and his cousin testing out the swords they made at a 4-H workshop.

Both Anton and Eljjah tried mutton bustin, along with every other kid age 8 and under in Mahaska county. :) It was a huge crowd (at the beginning) and a lot of fun.

Next night we were off the the Washington County Fair to race again. Elijah is racer "X" in the middle.

It was a good night, both boys got first and Mark got 2nd.

After a long week filled with fun and competition it was time to pack up and bring things home. Here Ruby, our ewe lamb, is going back into the herd. She was glad to see the other sheep and Ethan was glad to see her go. ;)

The sheep in the front and center is actually Ethan's sheep from last year, Lucy! It was so fun to see her and she actually remembered us and came right up to us. It was a nice way to end his sheep showing career. :)

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